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rufus_daily's Journal

Rufus Sewell Daily
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RULES: COURTESY OF rightclicklick

  1. Every post must contain a pic. Rufus Sewell only.
  2. No stealing from other sites or direct linking to other sites including here. If we find a pic that is direct linking, we will delete that post with no questions. We're not going to have pissed off webmasters after this place. This includes just placing a link to an image. For image host ideas, go here.
  3. Always try to credit your sources where possible.
  4. If posting naked pics, please put behind the lj-cut tags so that people browsing from work don't get in trouble.
  5. If posting multiple pics, please put behind lj-cut tags so that those of us on slower connections can go through them at their own pace.
  6. Authorised, official type pics only. Paparazzi over-the-back-fence type shots are bad, mmkay?
  7. Child actors are allowed but not naked.
  8. If you're going to spam the community with your latest community or website, don't unless you include a photo. Promotion will only be allowed for communities or websites that are about picture posting or a specific actor. Any other type of promotion will be deleted. No off topic posts like asking for codes, wanna be my pal, come join my clique, etc. This is a picture posting community only.

    Please try and post an image with a width less than 500 to help those out with slower modems. Thanks!

    Maintained by lizzola!

    P.S. rightclicklick makes me hottt. Check it. :D

    Check out my other _daily, clive_daily!